Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DOM Classes in salesforce

DOM (Document Object Model) classes help you to parse or generate XML content. The DOM represents an XML document as a hierarchy of nodes. The best utilization of DOM classes is when a  request created by HttpRequest or to parse a response accessed by HttpResponse.

If you want to call a external webservice then you have two options in salesforce.

  • You can get the wsdl of the webservice and parse the wsdl in salesforce. It will automatically create the webservice classes and you can use the methods of those classes.
  • You can also create a soap envelope and send the request to endpoint url using HttpRequest class and then parse the HttpResponse using DOM classes.

I am taking an example of how to create a soap envelope and how to parse the response using DOM classes.

public class WebserviceRequest{
public void sendRequest(){
     String endpointUrl = ''; // please provide the endpoint url here
     //create a new instance of httprequest
     HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();
     //set method

     // set endpoint url

     // set header
     req.setHeader('Content-Type', 'text/xml');

     // set soap envelope into request body
     // create a new instance of Http class
     Http http = new Http();
     // send request
     HttpResponse res = http.send(req);
     // method to parse httpresponse


// method to create envelope
public String getSoapEnvelope(){

// Note this is a sample soap request. 
String envelope = '


' ;

return envelope ;

//this method is used to parse the response.
public void parseResponse(HttpResponse res)
 dom.document doc = res.getBodyDocument();
 dom.XmlNode [] node = doc.getRootElement().getChildElements();
 // iterate over node will return all the nodes of the xml respose.  


For more details please refer this link

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  1. Could you make the example with the following code? I would appreciate it.