Friday, June 10, 2011

Gmail Contextual Gadgets (Gmail - Twitter)

A Gmail contextual gadget is a gadget that is triggered by clues in Gmail, such as the contents of Subject lines and email messages. For example, Gmail already provides a YouTube contextual gadget. If the body of an email contains a link to a YouTube video, a clickable thumbnail view of the video appears at the bottom of the email.
A Gmail contextual gadget can be triggered by content in any of the following parts of an email:1. From
2. To
3. CC
4. Subject
5. Body
6. Sent/received timestamps

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I have created my first gmail contextual gadget which is fetching the details from Twitter account. I have currently triggered for the Subject of email.
For e.g. If I send an email with subject @devnatani (My twitter name) , it shows the twitter info related to that user at the bottom of the email.

This information can be helpful for end user to get the information about the user without logging into twitter account.

I am currently working with some other integrations with gmail contextual gadgets and I will update those on the blog. Many more to come related to gmail contextual gadgets...