Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spring 11 - Visualforce Enhancements

The following enhancements are now available in Visualforce:

Visualforce Dynamic Bindings

This release introduces the concept of dynamic Visualforce bindings, which is a way of writing generic Visualforce pages
that display information about records without necessarily knowing which fields to show. In other words, fields on the
page are determined at runtime, rather than compile time.
Dynamic bindings are useful for Visualforce pages included in managed packages, as they allow for the presentation of
data specific to each subscriber with very little coding involved.

Visualforce Inline Editing

API version 21.0 provides inline editing support to the <apex:detail> component. It also introduces the
<apex:inlineEditingSupport> component, which gives inline editing functionality to several container components.
Inline editing allows users to quickly change field values on a record's detail page, saving the user from having to access
the record's edit page first. As a requirement, these components must also be descendants of an <apex:form> tag
whenever inline editing is used.
Components that are supported by <apex:inlineEditingSupport> include:
• <apex:dataList>
• <apex:dataTable>
• <apex:form>
• <apex:outputField>
• <apex:pageBlock>
• <apex:pageBlockSection>
• <apex:pageBlockTable>
• <apex:repeat>
Inline editing is not supported for rich text areas (RTAs) or dependent picklists when using <apex:outputField>.

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